PBS GlobalTribe Series: Be the Change

Global Citizens

“We must be the change we wish to see.”

— M.K. Gandhi


Through writings and speeches, protests and fasts, Mahatma Gandhi sought to change much of the world around him: not just British rule in India, but relations between men and women, Muslims and Hindus, and injustices at all levels of society.  Implied in all of those goals is a fundamental rethinking of our individual conduct.  To the skeptics who insisted that they could not change unless the world changes first, Gandhi replied, “No, the world will not change if we don’t change.”


How do we change ourselves or “be the change?”  That’s a question we all have to answer individually, over and over, probably for the rest of our lives.


To that end, we invited Idealist.org, Global Exchange, and Let’s Go to share their expertise and offer sound advice on how to maximize our interactions with other cultures and people – through travel, studying, and volunteering.


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