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– The Journey is the Destination

Directed by Bronwen Hughes, Executive Produced by Kathy Eldon and available on Netflix and all streaming platforms

The Journey is the Destination is inspired by the true story of Dan Eldon, a charismatic young activist, artist, photographer and adventurer.

Visually stunning and wildly inspiring, The Journey is the Destination follows a young man’s tumultuous coming of age, his exploration of love and his struggle to create positive change in an increasingly violent and dangerous world.  Dan was a unique person who woke up everyday with the drive to make the world a little better before he went to sleep.

The Journey is the Destination Trailer from Creative Visions Media on Vimeo.



Extraordinary Moms

Extraordinary Moms explores the power of mothers, featuring courageous, brilliant and awe-inspiring women who share a powerful connection: the love they have for their children combined with a fierce desire to protect the future of all children.

Women including Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell and ABC’s Christiane Amanpour, along with inspirational everyday moms, have candid conversations about how to raise good kids, how to balance work and family and the power women possess to change the world for the better.

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– Global Tribe Mexico/Philippines – 27 min. DVD

– Global Tribe South Africa – 27 min. DVD

Producers: Kathy Eldon and Kyra Thompson; Director: Tom McMahon; Host: Amy Eldon Turteltaub

GlobalTribe is a PBS series that combines the spirit of travel with a meaningful exploration of the global issues that affect us all. On our journeys to remote corners of the world, we seek to understand in human terms the universal struggles of our planet: from healing racial wounds to saving the environment to improving the lives of the poorest among us. Our quest is also to find solutions and to meet the unsung heroes in every country who offer us hope and a path to a better tomorrow.


– Dying To Tell The Story 45min DVD

– Dying To Tell The Story 90min DVD

Directed by Kyra Thompson, hosted by Amy Eldon Turteltaub

This Emmy-nominated documentary studies the motivations of journalists dedicated enough to risk their lives for a story. We follow narrator Amy Eldon on a personal journey to find meaning in the death of her older brother, 22-year-old Reuters photographer Dan Eldon. Dan was among a group of five journalists attacked by a mob during the Somali famine in 1993; he and three others were stoned to death. As she interviews other journalists and the sole surviving witness to Dan’s death, we see her attain the peace she sought.


– Soldiers of Peace

After the success of “Dying to Tell the Story” Creative Visions collaborated with CNN to create a documentary entitled Soldiers of Peace: A Children’s Crusade.” “Soldiers of Peace” focuses on the young organizers of the Children’s Mandate for Peace in Colombia – which has for two years been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It features 5 Colombian youth leaders and examines their lives and the determination that has helped them to make changes in the lives of so many. $22

“The Children’s Movement for Peace in Colombia provides perhaps, the clearest proof to date of the power of children’s voices to bring about positive social change.”
Carol Bellamy, executive director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF)


– Art of Life

Produced by Charles Tsai for CNN WORLD NEWS

Features interviews with Dan’s family along with original footage of Dan’s travels and films in Africa. Perfect for educators in high schools and universities.. 15 minutes. $16


– Safari As A Way of Life

Produced and directed by Patty Kim for National Geographic

An important film for young people and educators in high schools and universities. This film celebrates what one can do to make the world a better place. Safari features interviews with Dan’s family and friends in addition to following people inspired by Dan’s story to create substanitive media with a social, environmental and humanitarian value. One being, Jason Russel who was so inspired by Dan he decided to travel to Uganda with friends. While there, Jason came into contact with child soldiers and thus created the documentary featured on the Oprah Show in April 2006 created to save them . 45 minutes. $20


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