The Art of Life: Dan Eldon in Africa from Charles Tsai on Vimeo.

It started with Dan.

But then again, things always seemed to start around Dan; that was his mystery — for some reason, when he spoke, gestured, told stories, we all wanted in.

But he’s just a normal guy, acting creatively, acting authentically, often toward agendas and objectives and grand visions most of us never even understood. His imagination was bold because he didn’t follow rules, and his actions were brave because the world he saw around him required them to be. He was a curious observer and a passionate empathizer. He was a dreamer, and he was a doer.

… But the real goal was never JUST action.

Dan was in tune with something far deeper than just action. It’s as if Dan saw a brand new philosophy, a new way of thinking, a new kind of existence — his actions were creatively designed to target the source of change; designed to crawl inside the souls of shakers, help them lift their eyes to see the world as he did – as raw and desperate as it actually is – and help them garner the courage to ask brave new questions.

‘What is the destination and how do we get there? What can I do to make change?’

Dan’s actions were creative and inspiring, but his legacy and lasting impact help us understand what he seemed to already know: that action alone was never going to be enough — yes, positive creative action changes the world around us for the better, but hearts compelled to act creatively are radical instruments for fundamentally evolving the nature of who we are and what world we’re creating.

So what is the destination?

… Have faith, Dan did; life is a safari. Open your eyes and your heart will follow; open your heart and your feet will move. Be compelled to ask brave new questions, and the creative actions, social change, and brand new destination will come.

In the end, Dan was right:

The journey is the destination.

The journey is the revolution.

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