Kathy is the author of 17 books, including her memoir, In the Heart of Life, published by Harper One.  Together with her daughter Amy, she has written a series of best-selling guided journals, including Angel Catcher: A Journal of Loss and Remembrance, featured on the Oprah Show; Soul Catcher: A Journal to Help You Become Who You Really Are and Love Catcher: A Journal to Bring More Love Into Your Life.  She edited the acclaimed, The Journey is the Destination: the Journals of Dan Eldon, which has sold over 130,000 copies and was recently re-released with a foreword by Kweku Mandela.  Kathy has also written three popular cookbooks, including Tastes of Kenya, with Norfolk Hotel chef Eamon Mullen; a series of three Kathy Eldon’s Eating Out Guide to Kenya and tourist guides, including Safari Diary, and All You Need to Know About Nairobi and Don’t Know Who to Ask.  She launched her career as an author with a series of three children’s social history books on food, communications and medicine.  She is currently working on a guided journal for caregivers with her daughter, Amy.Kathy001_2


in the heart of life

In the Heart of Life: A Memoir by Kathy Eldon (September 24, 2013)

“In 1997, Kathy Eldon moved with her husband and two children from England to Kenya, where she found freedom as she had never known it before and was ready to push back from her old, restrictive life.  Diving into this tumultuous new world as a journalist and writer, she embraced the energy and creativity of Kenyans, both black and white.  But her world collapsed when her twenty-two-year-old son, Dan – an artist and photojournalist on assignment for Reuters – was stoned to death by an angry mob in Somalia, killed by the very people he was trying to help.  Kathy’s journey through this tragic loss was deeply spiritual as she discovered that, in many ways, Dan was still ever-present in her life.


This gripping international saga includes a passionate love, a dangerous coup in Kenya, and a compelling glimpse into a woman on the brink of self-discovery.  After her son’s murder, Kathy began to publish his art, which gained popularity worldwide and – together with her daughter, Amy – launched a global foundation celebrating Dan’s work as a creative activist.  Throughout Kathy’s exploration of profound tragedy, we find the secrets to not only surviving, but being truly, gloriously alive.”



Love Catcher: Inviting Love into Your Life by Chronicle Books LLC Staff, Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon

“This journal is designed to help you examine the way you approach love and romantic relationships.  Guided prompts discuss topics ranging from characteristics your past partners have shared to dreams you have for you and your partner.”



Soul Catcher: A Journal to Help You Become Who You Really Are by Kathy / Eldon, Amy / Barnes, Michelle (Illustrator) Eldon

Soul Catcher takes you on a self-guided journey along a spiritual path forged from the realization of your own dreams and wishes, and the utilization of the wisdom of your own inner voice.  This beautiful journal will help you find ways to break through the barriers that stand in your way and offer support as you shape and define your true values and goals so you can live life to its fullest.”


Angel Catcher: A Journal of Loss and Remembrance by Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon Turteltaub

“Over the past decade, this classic work has helped thousands find meaningful ways to overcome the despair of losing a loved one.  Now, Angel Catcher has been revised and updated to convey its powerful message of hope to a new audience.  Featuring brand new illustrations and a fresh updated look, the tasteful pages of this journal guide the user through the process of mourning and onward to a lasting sense of peace in the face of loss.”



Dan Eldon: The Art of Life by Jennifer New and Kathy Eldon

“Only 22 when he lost his life on assignment in Somalia, photojournalist Dan Eldon left behind much more than the journals that became the basis for Chronicle’s best-seller The Journey Is the Destination.  He left a lifetime of adventures that continue to inspire.  Raised in Kenya, he took numerous expeditions across Africa that helped him to understand and love the continent.  Through his safaris and benevolent crusades — and with interludes of study and work in the US and London, and trips around the world — he crafted a philosophy of curiosity, creativity, adventure, and charity.  Intensely visual, like the life it describes, Dan Eldon: The Art of Life is more than a biography.  It is an exploration of one man’s will to take in everything life has to offer; an example of a life lived for and and art experienced as life.”

safari as a way of life

Dan Eldon: Safari as a Way of Life by Jennifer New

“Photojournalist Dan Eldon left behind much more than the astonishing illustrated journals that would form The Journey is the Destination when he lost his life at age twenty-two while on assignment in Somalia.  He also bequeathed a life story that has inspired students, teachers, artists, and creative activists – as well as a forthcoming film, an apparel line, and the Spring 2011 collection from Tom’s Shoes.  Raised in Kenya, Dan grew up with a unique outlook on life.  Through adventurous safaris and benevolent crusades around the world, he crafted a philosophy of curiosity, creativity, and charity.  This unique visual biography showcases previously unpublished artwork from Dan’s acclaimed journals, letters, and snapshots that take readers on a journey through Dan’s life and beyond, exploring the impact made by this remarkable artist on everyone who has encountered his story.”


The Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon by Dan Eldon and Kathy Eldon

“The best-selling and critically acclaimed book The Journey is the Destination, is now in paperback.  Featuring a selection of over 200 pages from the journals of photojournalist Dan Eldon, it is the legacy of a young artist killed just as his creative powers were beginning to be recognized by himself and others.  Already an international inspiration for a documentary, a feature film, a clothing line, and the Spring 2011 collection of Tom’s Shoes.  Dan’s life sets an admirable example of how to be young, human, and alive and will continue to inspire future generations as it has for the past decade.”


has been a dominating factor in my life. Thanks to an obsession with eating, I have written hundreds of thousands of words on the subject starting with a collection of recipes I created while a l6-year old exchange student in South Africa where I gained 30 pounds on yummy, but very fattening food like “koeksisters,” fried pastry dipped in syrup, and boerwors, a spicy, very fatty sausage.

Kitchens and Cooking (Eyewitness S) by Mike Eldon Kathy Eldon

tastes of kenya 2

Epicurean Delights: TASTES OF KENYA by Kathy & Eamon Mullan Eldon

Specialities of the House from Kenya’s Finest Restaurants (Kenway publications imprint) by Kathy Eldon


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