“A TV and film producer’s memoir of a rich life lived as an American expatriate in Britain and Kenya and of the remarkable relationship she had with her son, photojournalist Dan Eldon.  As a child, Iowa native Eldon often dreamed of ‘flying away and exploring the world.’  She got her wish not long after graduating from college when she married an English businessman and went to live with him in late-1960s London.  But it quickly became evident to her that a life of dull domesticity would not allow her to help other people.

     All that changed after her husband was transferred to Nairobi in 1977.  Eldon embarked on a magnificent adventure in a land that not only captivated her heart but also awakened a deep inner restlessness.  She educated herself about Kenya and its people, went on safaris and met extraordinary artists and intellectuals, including several members of the brilliant Leakey family.  Eager to be more than just another ‘bored’ wife, she began writing articles about everything from Kenyan food and politics to visiting celebrities like psychic Sylvia Browne, who started Eldon on a lifelong metaphysical quest for truth.  She also encouraged her gifted son to express himself through art and, later, photography.  Self-enlightenment brought increasing professional recognition and success but ended her marriage and nearly destroyed her.  She returned to England, where she found a career mentor in distinguished film producer Geoffrey Dudman.

     Meanwhile, her son began his brief but brilliant career as a humanitarian and photojournalist.  Eerily enough, his tragic death at age 22 fulfilled a psychic prediction that she would find her purpose in finishing the work another had begun.  A vibrant, interesting book marred by an overabundance of detail and an overreliance on cosmic signs taken for predestined wonders.


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