In the Heart of Life has a lot of juicy content – so why not discuss it in a book club?!  

Whether you’re local or halfway across the world, Kathy’s memoir provides the perfect conversation topic for book club gatherings.


IMG_0402Kathy Skyping in to the Great Hills Country Club Book Club in Texas!


 Need some questions to get the conversation started?  Look no further!  Thanks to the Great Hills Country Club Book Club, these questions can help to guide a discussion about In the Heart of Life.

 1.  What is it about Africa that makes it so alluring?

2.  What was the reason for selecting the title of your book?

3.  Did you ever regret your move to Africa?

4.  Forgiveness is very important for healing – do you feel this has been possible for you?

5.  Was there a moment in your life when you had an epiphany – a moment when your world was altered?

6.  My take from the book is the idea of being bound by conventions of family and commitment in order to seek happiness and fulfillment – I thought it would be more about Dan’s adventures?

7.  You were dissatisfied with where you were or who you were with.  Where did these feelings come from?  Would you have felt different if you were a man?

8.  Your life seems to have a purpose.  What are your future goals for Creative Visions?

9.  How did you find forgiveness for Dan’s dying and how did you forgive yourself and break free?


Interested in Kathy joining you at your book club gather?  Please contact Alicia at

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